Website Description: Yiixng purple clay teacup is made of purple clay in Yixing city, Jiangsu province. This teacup has two colors. One is red purple, the other is purple. Its specification is 6.3cm in diameter, 3.0cm in height, 5.0cm in caliber and 30ml in volume. This kind of teacup with simple, wide and round cup rabbet fits to taste all kinds of teas. The inside bottom is embossed with peony, which means wealth and good luck. Exquisite workmanship and reserved colors make it a classic teacup.

First Impressions

Umi Tea Sets shipped my order right away and I received my package quickly. The tea cups were very well packaged with a lot of bubble wrap. I would have prefered to see a more environmentally friendly source of packaging but definitely appreciate the extra care that was put into making sure my package arrived safe!

The mahogany cups were nestled together and I could feel the sturdiness of the cup right away, which was surprising because of their delicate appearance. The clay was smooth to the touch and well made. The peony in the middle of the cup is perfectly centered at the bottom of the cup with great textured ridges outlining the shape of the peony petals. 

First Use

I brewed a few jasmine green tea pearls to pour into my beautiful new gong fu cups. I brewed the tea at 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ridge at the top of the cup is smooth and the perfect size for savoring the tea in small sips. The clay against my lips felt smooth but had a slight fine texture to it. 

I’m very happy with these tea cups, and definitely recommend them to anyone interested in adding these to their collection of gong fu teaware. 

Packaging: Well packaged, the product had no chance of breaking in transit. Packing was simple and to the point.

Feel and Structure: The cups are sturdy for their delicate structure and well designed. The clay is smooth yet has some slight grain texture because it is unglazed clay. Cups are smaller than expected. 
Overall Review: My overall experience with Umi Tea Sets was absolutely wonderful. The shipping was faster than expected, customer service was very attentive and kind. The cups I received were beautiful and well made.

To purchase your set please click the link below: 

Gongfu Tea Cups

Video of cups:

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